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We offer various sewing products for both small-scale and industrial purposes. Below are some of our flagship sewing machines.

Sewing Machines
We offer a well-equipped sewing machine. Are you looking for a machine for occasional clothes adjustments, or have you fallen under the spell of quilts? Our offer of sewing machines will satisfy the needs of a beginner as well as a professional dressmaker or tailor.

Our options include a reliable basic mechanical sewing machine or an electronically controlled model with a broad selection of stitches and function for your easy and fast sewing. For advanced and avid dressmakers.
Other machines in our collections include Flat bed sewing machines, Button sewing machines, Buttonhole sewing machines, Programmable sewing machines, Cylinder bed sewing machines, Special sewing machines, Multi needle sewing machines

Embroidery Machines
We offer 15-needle cylinder bed embroidery machines designed for embroidering on flat garments or caps and hats. Suitable for home and industrial embroider. Thanks to cylinder bed you can embroider on finished product. Ideal for sweatshirts, T-shirts, footwear, advertisement and caps.

Our machines offer automatic and programmable changes of 15 colours during sewing. Automatic or manual thread trimming using button. We provide embroidery software, embroidery backing, threads, etc.

Other Machines
We have other machine types and ironning boards as well.
Should you have specific feature need, contact us today to discuss your specific request/options. We will try our best to get you a machine that matches your need.


Garudan Africa is a Lagos based company. We are an arm of Garudan - a Cezh based industrial and programmable sewing machines manufacturer. At Garudan Africa, We make efforts to help you make your products excellent.


Office Address: 30, Duduyemi Street, Salvation House Ẹgbẹda, Lagos.
Email: info@garudanafrica.com
Phone Number: +234-(01)-2910657


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