Our Services

At Garudan Africa, we offer different services supporting fashion industry to make the work of designers outstanding.

Sales of Sewing Machines
In partnership with one of the world leading manufacturer of sewing machines, we deliver sewing products and implement solutions based on client requirements.

Installation and Maintenance
We offer Installation and Maintenance services to make your after-sales experience seamless. We handle industrial setup

Consultancy and Support Services
We offer consultancy services for small scale or industry factory setup. We are able to help you select a suitable sewing machine and choose the correct sewing technology from our list of products.
We also offer after-sales support to ensure minimal down time when using any of our products.


Garudan Africa is a Lagos based company. We are an arm of Garudan - a Cezh based industrial and programmable sewing machines manufacturer. At Garudan Africa, We make efforts to help you make your products excellent.


Office Address: 30, Duduyemi Street, Salvation House Ẹgbẹda, Lagos.
Email: info@garudanafrica.com
Phone Number: +234-(01)-2910657


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